2.500 Social Housing Barrio Verde Paulista, Brasil

Social Housing

To the north of the city of Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, there is a land of more than 200,000m2 that will serve for the development of the enterprise called “Barrio Verde Paulista”. The special green characteristics of the terrain, being surrounded in its perimeter by the “Mata” or Atlantic forest, have given way to most of the concepts of the Barrio Verde Paulista that we could summarize in; Social, Sustainable and Salubrious, to what we call the “3 S”. These concepts affect urbanism, architecture, health, education, culture and transportation.


At the moment we are two teams of architects working, Johansson Arquitectos and a local office, FGM Arquitectos, of the city of Recife, in different options or urban models of the Master Plan, to sort the land and place: accesses, avenues, streets, green zones, plots or islands and housing and equipment, within a Phase Plan of 10 years.

The planning always takes as reference the site as the basic and unique component which tells us about the climate, light, color, vegetation and way of life of the people. The land contributes with its own unique characteristics such as its shape, orientation, topography and views.

Location: Recife, Brasil
Client: Private
Date: 2015
Size: 74.465 m2
Status: Project
Social Housing
Visit: Private