20 Homes Puerta de Hierro, Madrid


Winner Ideas Competition.

The arrangement of the whole is developed in 4 equal blocks with 3 floors + attic and 5 houses per block. The four blocks are arranged two to two, two next to the northern boundary and two next to the southern boundary, thus allowing a large central green space of more than 15 m in width. At the same time, this provision, marks us two building platforms, with different levels.

Each block has an access portal for the north façade, a stairwell and an elevator that connects all the floors from the basement garage to the attic floor. The Ordination also has a solarium pool enclosure and toilet pavilion. This is located at the bottom of the northern boundary, an area very suitable for this use due to its distance to the houses and its good sunlight.

Location: Puerta de Hierro, Madrid. España
Client: Residencial Madrigal
Date: 2015
Size: 7.500 m2
Status: Contest / under Construction
Visit: Residencial Madrigal