477 Social Housing Lages, Brasil

Social Housing

The Architectural Planning has gone through different phases developed during 2015, in response to the proposals and housing programs suggested by the Property. 

In all of the land planning, an attempt has been made to find a balance between the number of blocks, 3 or 4, the need to provide a parking space for each house, and the aim of having a central public space without vehicles, that will allow social coexistence and a place of recreation.

 The number of houses, the percentage between 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, and even the heights of the blocks have varied in the land planning. The strong impact of parking areas and vehicular traffic on the surface, makes it necessary to find clear ring traffic solutions and, at the same time, arrange the blocks in such a way in order to provide an urban appeal to the residential complex.

Location: Lages, Brasil
Client: Abramar
Date: 2015
Size: 25.600 m2
Status: Project
Social Housing
Visit: Abramar