128 Housing Official Protection (VPO-RE) Granada, Spain

Social Housing

The project is part of the winning proposal of the Europan 3 Contest, whose motto was: “In the city as at home, urbanize residential neighborhoods”. It is proposed a building in independent blocks with four facades as an alternative to the traditional closed block. Different degrees of public and private spaces emerge that translate into patios.
The Project proposed a simple composition with economic materials for the building’s image. For the composition, two well differentiated aspects of gaps; the facades that face the street, horizontal openings with grouped carpentry and the facades to the block patio with vertical gaps and individualized joinery.

Location: Granada. Spain
Client: Empresa Pública Suelo Andalucía
Date: 2005-2009
Size: 15.300 m²
Status: Contest / Constructed
Social Housing
Visit: Empresa Pública Suelo Andalucía