Single Family Home Sotogrande, Cádiz

c/ Alberche

Single-family housing with “L” scheme, located on the plot starting from the setback of 6 m of the alignments and 3 m of the boundaries, to allow maximum space inside the plot.

The dwelling itself, is accessed in the meeting of the sides of the “L”. A large hall acts as organizer of the circulations and the staircase of access to the bedrooms on the upper floor, each on one side of the “L”, is located on it. The external volumetry of the dwelling is of horizontal lines with simple and rectangular volumes.

The treatment of gaps in the façades responds radically to the guidelines. On the one hand, the north, south and east facades have large holes with eaves and deep porches and on the other hand, the west façade with no gaps and vertical facades, without flights. The pool is located on the north wall, far from the house and ensuring a good sun, both summer and spring.

Location: C/ Alberche Sotogrande, Cádiz. Spain
Client: Private
Date: 2017
Size: 517 m2
Status: Constructed
Visit: Private