658 Social Housing Navegantes, Brasil

Navegantes, Brasil

The Planning takes as reference the own management of the lands and adjoining areas. These are arranged in a north-south direction on a reticule of super-blocks oriented east-west. A division of the buildings in small parallel blocks, arranged in a north-south direction, allows a visual and spatial permeability with the buildings of single-family houses in the area. In each Architectural Planning, the site is a basic component, which speaks to us about the climate, the light, the color, the vegetation and the way of life of the people. The terrain contributes with its own and unrepeatable characteristics such as its shape, orientation, topography and views.

A dialogue arises with the small scale of the houses and the vertical layout of the land. A sequence of small outdoor spaces in shade, and spacious and sunny spaces appears, which act as an authentic regulator of temperatures so beneficial to the climate and the low energy consumption of homes.

Location: Navegantes, Brasil
Client: Abramar
Date: 2016
Size: 42.000 m²
Status: Under construction
Social Housing
Visit: Abramar